Need a Sticker?

You've come to the right place. At we specialize in design and manufacturing of custom decals, bumper stickers, magnetic signs, banners and chrome emblems since 1999. Actually these are just few of the services we offer. There are over 150,000 promotional items we can provide. Whatever your budget, whatever your idea is - a pen with your company logo, custom sticker, t-shirt, hat, key-holder, USB drive, license plate frame, fridge magnet, desk clock, flashlight, coffee mug or anything else you can think of... We can help!

Decals, bumper stickers and promotional items are still one of the most cost effective ways to advertise. In today's competitive business world you need a constant reminder in front of your existing or potential customers, not a weekly or daily publication which end up in the trash two days after distribution, but constant exposure 365 days of the year. By applying signage on your company vehicles or giving away some calculators, mouse pads or calendars at the next trade show you will gain the exposure you need.

Our work at is not limited to large corporate orders. We do custom stickers and t-shirts and there's no minimum order required. So for your next family reunion, special occasion or joke between friends and co-workers, email us and we'll be happy to provide what you need.